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    Reaching the Safe Harbor with Technology

    By Tasneem Esmael

    Your future is a mirage but if there is one thing that is certain, it is called ‘Technology’. Technology is synonymous to money in a way. I am sure we all have heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evils.” Technology can be used with the same reference by the orthodox, religious zealots. There is an Arabic verse, translation of which, says it for me, “Your deed is defined by your motive.”

    So, what is your motive to invest in technology?

  2. By: Joni Johnson-Powe JD, CPA As I look back on my career over the past 16+ years, not only have tax technology services changed but the accounting industry is much different place. I actually started off doing tax software implementations of telecom tax software which generally spanned at least a year from project kick-off to … Continue reading The Changing World of (Sales) Tax Technology

  3. accounting employment
    Young Professionals In Accounting

    I grew up in a pretty unconventional household for the ‘70’s in that both of my parents worked full-time, each had college degrees and separate bank accounts, my father cooked most meals, and eventually my mom’s salary outpaced my father’s. My father was a CPA and loved tax. But in retrospect, my mother had a lot of influence on who I am today with her drive, independence and strong sense of dignity.

    That drive and confidence definitely influenced my early goals to be a partner in a Big 4 accounting firm. However, as a new tax staff consultant at a large global accounting firm, I quickly learned that simply being smart was not enough. It also required something that they didn’t teach you in Intermediate Accounting, FBLA or Beta Alpha Psi. Work was not divided up evenly amongst staff nor was it always given to the person most fit for the project. It wasn’t just whether you were smart and talented but there was something more that seemed to be required.

  4. The first time I started my own company I was 32.  I was working in a Big 4 Accounting firm, my dad had passed away with cancer and his clients needed someone to prepare their tax returns.  I started the CPA firm in his name and never looked back.  I have taken a couple detours but landed right … Continue reading Top 5 Things to Consider: Starting Your Own Accounting or Tax Practice